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Scottish Historical Romance

New Release News!

Releasing today from one of my dear friends, Emma Prince!


The Promise of a Highlander cover

He is no man of honor…

To help his sister heal from a traumatic captivity, Logan Mackenzie reluctantly seeks the Bodyguard Corps’ protection. After so many years as a mercenary, he is resistant to live by their code—until he rescues a beautiful Englishwoman from a snowstorm. He vows to protect Helena, even though she kindles a desire that threatens to expose his shameful past. Now he must fight to regain the honor he thought destroyed years before—or risk losing Helena forever.

She is fleeing for her life…

When a foreboding vision warns Helena that her life is in danger, she escapes from her Borderland castle to the Highland wilds. Under Logan’s care, Helena begins to hope she can trust the scarred warrior with the secret of her curse. When forced to confront the past she abandoned, Helena must choose between surrendering to fate or having the courage to forge her own path with Logan. But will their love be enough to overcome the hidden truths threatening to tear them apart?

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I can’t believe THE HIGHLAND COMMANDER is nearly here! I had so much fun with this book, and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do!!

Release date: June 27, 2017

Blurb and Excerpt below…


She cannot resist the man behind the mask . . .

As the illegitimate daughter of a Scottish earl, Lady Magdalen Keith is not one to partake in lavish balls or other frivolities. Yet at her father’s urging, she agrees to dance with the battle-weary officers at this year’s holiday masquerade. It’s practically her civic duty! But when one such officer—whose dashing good looks cannot be disguised by a mere mask—sweeps her off her feet and into his arms, the innocent lass can’t help herself. Her lips are his for the taking.

But will he betray his country for a kiss?

Navy lieutenant Aiden Murray has spent too many months at sea to be immune to the charms of this lovely beauty. Even after he returns to his ship, she lives in his dreams. But when he discovers Maddie’s true identity—and learns that her father is accused of treason—will the brawny Scot risk his life to follow his heart?


“Certain things are best left unspoken…”

Aiden whispered, backing her against the wall. For the love of God, she had to be the bonniest creature he’d ever seen. Aye, he’d dreamt of kissing her while enduring endless nights at sea.

How could a man resist such temptation? His hands slipped to her waist, so small, he could nearly touch his fingertips together.

Maggie drew in a sharp breath. “M’lord?”

“Aye?” he growled, his tongue slipping across his lips as he enjoyed watching the rise and fall of her breasts with her quick inhales.

“Y-y-you think me bonny?”

Holy Christ, had she only just realized what he’d said when they’d started down the passageway? “Any man who isn’t overcome by your radiance the moment he walks into a room is utterly blind.”

When she parted her lips to speak, he silenced her. With a slight dip of his chin, he captured her mouth and plundered it with reckless abandon. He slid his hands up her spine and drew her body into his. Oh yes, this is exactly what he’d been craving…



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My hero is Geordie from THE HIGHLAND DUKE, coming in mass market paperback, ebook and audio on March 28th!


Here’s a wee blurb for THE HIGHLAND DUKE:

She’ll put her life on the line for him…

When Akira Ayres finds the brawny soldier with a musket ball in his thigh, she has no qualms about doing whatever it takes to save his life. Even if it means fleeing across the country to tend his wounds while the English redcoats are closing in. Though she’s never been in battle, Akira is just as fierce and brave as any of her Scottish kinsman. But even she’s intimidated by the fearsome, brutally handsome Highlander who won’t reveal his clan name.

Yet she can never know his true identity…

Geordie knows if Akira ever finds out he’s really the Duke of Gordon, both her life and his will be forfeit in a heartbeat. The only way to keep the lass safe while his enemies are on the hunt is to make sure she’s by his side day and night. But the longer he’s with her, the harder it becomes to think of ever letting her go. Despite their differences in class, despite the danger, he will face down death itself to make her his.