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November 27, 2017
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December 12, 2017
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Follow the Historical Romance Hop to win prizes galore from these novelicous historical romance authors!

Here are the wee guidelines to find your swoon-worthy heroes:


My Braw Hero is from THE HIGHLAND GUARDIAN. Reid MacKenzie, the Earl of Seaforth, is the captain of his ship, a man of honor, confident, truthful, direct and loyal. Not only that, his shoulders are as broad as the hindquarter of a stallion and he will fight for his woman with every sinuous fiber in his body!

Here’s a bit about THE HIGHLAND GUARDIAN, releasing December 19th


He has sworn to protect her . . .

Captain Reid MacKenzie, Earl of Seaforth, is a man of his word. During a harrowing battle at sea, the heroic Highlander makes a vow to a dying friend to watch over the man’s daughter. His plan: send the child to boarding school as quickly as possible so he can continue his mission. But Reid’s new ward is no wee lass. She’s a ravishing, fully grown woman, and it’s all he can do to remember his duty and not seduce her himself.

But he might be her greatest threat . . .

Miss Audrey Kennet is stunned by the news. First this kilted brute tells Audrey her father is dead, and next he insists she marry. But as Reid scours England for the most suitable husband, Audrey soon realizes the brave, brawny Scot is the only man she wants­­—though loving him means risking her lands, her freedom, and even her life.



B & N:



Continue with the fun and learn about more delicious heroes. Visit all the authors in the HISTORICAL ROMANCE HOP!

1) Elizabeth Rose                   6) Collette Cameron

2) Eliza Knight                        7) Kathryn Le Veque

3) Glynnis Campbell              8) Christi Caldwell

4) Laurel O’Donnell               9) Amy Jarecki

5) Cecelia Mecca                 10) Julie Johnstone

My exclusive Prize in the hop is a signed copy of THE HIGHLAND COMMANDER and a luxury bath set!

All prize entries are on Elizabeth Rose’s site.


Also, for more prizes, enter my December website contest on my contest page. I give away prizes every month, and for December I’m giving away a $25 Amazon gift card as the first prize and the second prize is signed copies of both THE HIGHLAND DUKE and THE HIGHLAND COMMANDER! Enter here.

Amy Jarecki is a bestselling and multi-award winning author.


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