My Genes Don’t Fit

My Genes Don’t Fit

A deeply poignant novel about the resilience of the human spirit when two women face unforeseen catastrophes.

Jane is at the height of her career, confident, fearless, and commanding. Her daughter Meg is loyal, hardworking, and a tad eccentric.

Both women consider their lives to be perfectly on-target. Jane will become her company’s CEO. Meg will marry and own a quaint house in a picturesque Midwest town. Perhaps Mr. Right will be the doctor Meg meets on her birthday cruise? Yes. Everything is falling into place exactly as it should be.

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About the Book

Gobsmacked by medical gender bias and misdiagnosis, Jane and her daughter Meg receive no satisfactory answers explaining why they both nearly die from blood vessel ruptures within the span of a week. Not only are they reeling from stroke-like symptoms, their lives are further thrown into chaos when Jane is fired and Meg learns her boyfriend is a fraud.

But it’s after Meg discovers she’s pregnant when results from genetic testing arrive—both mother and daughter have inherited a devastating vascular disorder. Now, Meg’s life is in imminent danger and she could lose her baby as well. Heart-wrenching choices must be made as these tenacious women learn to negotiate the world of rare diseases where information conflicts and professional opinions differ. Indeed, hope, love, and each other are the only things they can count on as they defy impossible odds.

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