Boy ~ Man ~ Chief

Boy ~ Man ~ Chief

When his village is burned, his father murdered, and his woman is taken, Koicto must fulfill his destiny, and avenge these wrongs. If he fails the Nahchee Nation will be no more.

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About the Book

In an ancient Native American world, Koicto dreams of leading his people through the ravages of war. Summoned by the Tribal Elders, this gifted warrior forges a bond of brotherhood with the irascible cougar, Kitchi, and proves he’s worthy to lead. But the Elders proclaim Koicto a shaman—a medicine man. They force him into an arranged marriage, ignoring his love for the beautiful Pavati, and cast aside his burning desire to become chief of the Nahchee Nation.


With staggering brutality, Koicto’s vision of war unfolds. He must now fulfill his destiny. If he fails, the Nahchee will be no more.

Series: Other Books, Book 4
Genre: Historical Fiction
Tag: Amy Jarecki
ASIN: B00FX568Q2
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About the Author
Amy Jarecki

An Amazon Bestselling Author and an award winning author, she holds an MBA from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland and now resides in Southwest Utah with her husband where she mostly writes historical romance. When time is available, she lectures on writing topics at conferences across the US.