A Princess in Plaid

A Princess in Plaid

Lady Grace always dreamed of becoming a princess, but soon realizes the expectations of young ladies are oft nothing but hopeful fantasies.

Lady Grace MacGalloway is the most accomplished of her sisters. She attended the prestigious Northbourne Seminary for Young Ladies which elated her English mother, the Dowager Duchess of Dunscaby. Grace sings beautifully, plays the pianoforte, her embroidery is flawless, and she speaks four languages. Whenever she enters a room, all heads turn her way, which is exactly why the most eligible bachelor in all of Christendom, Prince Isidor, chose her as his bride. From birth, Grace knew she was destined to become a princess. And at last her dreams were coming true.

Except the expectations of young ladies are often nothing but hopeful fantasies. Even highborn women like Her Ladyship, born into powerful families often discover their arranged marriages do not measure up to their expectations. When Grace’s world shatters, she is mortified, never wanting to show her face in public again, never wanting to look into the eyes of a man again. But when she retreats to her family’s hunting lodge in the Highlands of Scotland and awakes from a nasty fall, it’s the eyes of a social outcast that make her wonder if she’s spent her life chasing the wrong dream.

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Amy Jarecki

An Amazon Bestselling Author and an award winning author, she holds an MBA from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland and now resides in Southwest Utah with her husband where she mostly writes historical romance. When time is available, she lectures on writing topics at conferences across the US.